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Who we are.

Have you ever asked a family member for help with your computer? You know the really smart young person that seems to know everything about subject?

Long ago, we started our journey with a retail computer store and a corporate information systems / information technology service company. These were the day’s pre best buy geek squad (circa 1994). Although they were founded in 1994, they were initially outsourcing their service offering through select service providers like us.

Too many times we received repair orders, went on customer calls and more to fix the mistakes made by others.

We are not saying that these young people do not know what they are doing. We are saying that there is a massive difference between residential needs and business needs. The logic that works for an X-Box or PlayStation is quite basic in comparison to the logic needed for business class technology. When a device to play a game fails, it’s just inconvenient.

When critical business systems fail, it can be catastrophic and costly.

Results Based

Results-based means creating an environment where you and your employees work in harmony with our company to achieve your specific goals and objectives.

We work to understand what you need most and how we can help you achieve it. We understand that your success impacts the lives of your employees, your customers, everyone’s families and everyone’s communities.

We Believe

We believe that in order to achieve your goals we must go above and beyond in every single situation that we are presented.

We are thrilled with our customer’s growth and success over the years. It has been an amazing and challenging journey that we would like to continue with you.

Since the 90’s

Since the early 90’s we have evolved into a community of talented business communication and technology enthusiasts / experts who help decision makers find the right tools and services to grow your business.

We have experience with small to mid size businesses all the way to massive international corporations.

A lot of our day is spent conducting in-depth research on our service providers including product reviews, and discussing technology expert recommendations.

We find better ways to for you to save time, improve your productivity, improve your return on investment, and retain more customers.

We Review and Study

We review business technology, research and study so that you don't have to.

If you are not in the technology business your time is really best spent doing what you do.

We study the latest communications services, business software, business services and more to give you a complete picture of a service provider’s product’s features, benefits, and value, as well as the service level agreements (uptime guarantees, etc.) behind the product.

How we work.

1 We study the answers from the results of your initial assessment (if you have not yet done so, start your assessment here) then correlate the data from your industry peers and more. Along with our vast experience we provide detailed, tailored recommendations so you know exactly what is best for you and why.

2We do head-to-head comparisons of what you have today as it correlates to your goals and needs. Whether it’s simply reducing your current spending or implementing a full blown unified communications strategy; we can tell you what is best and why. Our constant research helps us understand current products, trends, and challenges business face.

3We are aware of the latest news and information regarding business communications and services. This allows us to keep you up to date, or at the least, let you know what is available. Efficiency, accuracy, fairness, and integrity are values that we hold dear. Without them, we couldn’t expect your trust, nor your confidence in our solutions. If you have not yet done so, start your assessment and let us get to work to see if we can help. The best part - its free (offer available in the United States only) and there is absolutely no obligation.

Did you know? When critical business systems fail, it can be catastrophic and costly.
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